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Every day that Rob was outside on location filming “Cosmopolis” he would go to his fans and sign autographs, take pictures, and give hugs. He always ended with a wave to the fans so they could take one more pictures. It did not matter whether it was 4 AM after an all night shoot or 7 AM at the beginning of his day. He was always giving to fans, and he always has been. He is very respectful of all of us and acknowledges us whenever he can.

That is not the normal behavior of stars in Hollywood, especially someone that has reached the fame that Rob has. So as a fan I am hearing many of you grumble. I am not here to listen to your arguments. Just to show you what is important to me and let you decide for yourself.

So here is the reasons I adore Rob…….

He is generous and kind. A very selfless person as we all know. That may be the reason he shows his fans how grateful he is. Can you imagine what a good friend he is to his mates.

He is humble despite his fame. It seems as though he does not take things for granted. He is grounded by the people closest to him; his family and his mates  despite his fame. They follow him and show their support wherever he goes.

He is talented and we have seen him grow through the years. He performs magic on the screen and with each new film we have seen first hand what he is truly capable of.

No matter what you feel about his personal life or how he does business. It is Hollywood and many of you know it is called “The land of make believe.” The name still holds true. Nothing is ever as it seems there. Keep in mind when I say Hollywood I am not speaking of a place, but an industry that is spread throughout California and other states as well.

The truth of the matter is that behind the bright lights and the glamor is the ruthless business where people are applauded one day and booed the next. It is littered with broken people that have failed and been discarded. It is not such a pretty place after all.

So Rob is like a breath of fresh air in this land of broken dreams. He is not a raging alcoholic that abuses his wife and children. He has not ran over anybody as far as we know. He is not in a drug induced stupor or raging at the media and demanding to be noticed. He has a very good reputation in Hollywood for his work ethic.

No he was not just a pretty face but something more. He has a special quality that too many men these days are lacking. He is charming………. truly charming. He is also silly, and  so funny.

Do you know that Rob is one of the most requested quests on talk shows? Yeah he is up there with Johnny Depp. I like that.

So no matter what other fuckery goes on and despite that my beliefs about his relationships may differ from yours. I am a fan, not a fanatic. Not a screaming fan-girl that looses her mind, but someone that believes he is talented and I want him to succeed. So because he is such a giver I like too give a little back. I think it is the least I can do for all he has done for us.

Sorry this is so long. I just wanted to give you my thoughts on the matter.

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